Meet The Team

  • Dave - Groundsman

    Dave joined us from a landscape company who we’ve worked alongside for the past 20 years. Dave is older than the Earth itself and has the knowledge to match! He has vast amounts of experience in soft landscaping as well as grounds maintenance. In Dave’s spare time, he can be found riding one of his 5 motorbikes or pottering around in his vegetable patch. 


    Food: Curry
    City: Edinburgh 
    Sport: Tennis
    Band/Artist: Nat King Cole
    Movie/TV Series: Mad Max
    Plant: Roses
    Dream Bike: Norton Dominator
    Fav Part of Gardening: Planting

  • Steve - Team Leader

    Steve (BSc Hons) joined our team in 2016 and now heads a team of two as Team Leader. Steve has a broad array of talents & expertise in many areas, with expert customer service skills, as well as being ‘the face of HSM’ in our videos. Steve is trained in the safe use of spraying pesticides NTPC (PA1&PA6). In his spare time, Steve enjoys attending gigs, travelling & spending time with his family. 


    Food: Indian

    City: Kuala Lumpur

    Sport: Formula 1

    Band/Artist: Fugazi

    Movie/TV Series: The Wire

    Plant: Hosta

    Dream Car: One That Works

    Fav Part of Gardening: Mowing


  • Matthew - Groundsman

  • Shane - Team Leader

    Shane is trained in the safe use of spraying pesticides NTPC (PA1&PA6) & also holds chainsaw maintenance & cross cutting certificate. Shane’s wealth of experience and knowledge comes from his 8 year stint as Head Gardener at 1000 acre estate Iford Manor, which was designed by Harold Peto. In his spare time Shane loves to cook, travel and spend time in nature. 


    Food: Thai
    City: Paris
    Sport: Rugby
    Band/Artist: Dolly Parton
    Movie/TV Series: Line Of Duty
    Plant: Wisteria
    Dream Car: Jag
    Fav Part of Gardening: Ride-on mowing

  • Mat - Groundsman

    Mathew (BSc Hons) has a background in finance and has spent the past 15 years volunteering as a gardener locally. He’s loving his career change and being a naturally outdoorsy person; enjoys walking & mountain biking, as well as being a huge fan of London Irish Rugby. Mathew has a degree in archeology, so quite likes digging!


    Food: Italian
    City: Singapore 
    Sport: Rugby
    Band/Artist: The Rolling Stones
    Movie/TV Series: Anything DC
    Plant: Bamboo

    Dream Car: VW Camper Van

    Fav Part of Gardening: Pruning



  • Dan - Team Leader

    Dan has been with us since 2009 and was just 16 when he started. He brings to the table a whole host of expertise in how small – medium sized gardens are managed. Dan is trained in the safe use of spraying pesticides NTPC (PA1&PA6). In his spare time you’ll find Dan supporting his beloved Brentford FC. 


    Food: Steak
    City: Palma
    Sport: Football
    Band/Artist: Lionel Richie
    Movie/TV Series: Pulp Fiction
    Plant: Fuchsia

    Dream Car: Ford Ranger Wildtrack

    Fav Part of Gardening: Cutting Grass in the Sun



  • Max - Groundsman

    Max (BA Hons) studied Sports Journalism and has a background in PR, communications & marketing. Max loves the outdoors and is a naturally gifted gardener. Although his career in only kicked in recently, his passion for learning, dedication & commitment will all contribute to him becoming a seasoned gardener in no time! Max plays off a 6 in golf and in his spare time you’ll find him traversing through the fairways of Surrey.


    Food: Persian
    City: Barcelona 
    Sport: Snooker
    Band/Artist: Dua Lipa
    Movie/TV Series: The Last Kingdom
    Plant: Lavender

    Dream Car: RR Corniche

    Fav Part of Gardening: Planting

  • Tom - Groundsman

    Tom (BA Hons) trained as a commercial pilot at the Florida Institute of Technology, as well as gaining his Hons degree at Kingston University in Aviation Operations. Tom’s gardening career took off recently and looks to be flying high above the trees. Tom is one of those naturally gifted gardeners, who’ll always make your garden feel as though it’s had a soft landing. In his spare time, you’ll find Tom playing golf & American Football.  


    Food: Persian
    City: Barcelona 
    Sport: Snooker
    Band/Artist: Dua Lipa
    Movie/TV Series: The Last Kingdom
    Plant: Lavender

    Dream Car: RR Corniche

    Fav Part of Gardening: Planting

  • Jared - Apprentice

  • Glenn - Team Leader

    Glenn has a wealth of knowledge & experience from running his own gardening business for 8 years, and is trained in the safe use of spraying pesticides NTPC (PA1&PA6). When Glenn isn’t gardening, he can be found playing rock music loud on one of his many guitars. He also enjoys making things with wood and hikes in the woodland with his family.


    Food: Steak

    City: Dublin

    Sport: Football

    Band/Artist: Oasis

    Movie/TV series: Killing Eve

    Plant: Ornamental Grasses

    Dream Car: Not a van!

    Fav Part of Gardening: Mowing

  • Mick - Groundsman

    Mick looks after our largest commercial site 5 days a week throughout the year. Mick has 32 years experience in grounds maintenance and is trained in the safe use of spraying pesticides NTPC (PA1&PA6), along with Chainsaw & Crosscutting certificate and a qualified IPAF operator. Mick has a lifetime of experience & knowledge in grounds maintenance. In his spare time, Mick enjoys fishing trips in the UK & France. 


    Food: Fish n Chips

    City: Bordeaux 

    Sport: Cricket

    Band/Artist: Rolling Stones


    Series: Countdown

    Plant: Roses

    Dream Car: John Deere Gator

    Fav Part of Gardening: Everything

  • Rebecca - Office Admin

    Rebecca joined us in 2018 and even though she may appear behind the scenes in the world of gardening, she’s very much at the forefront of the day to day running at HSM. Rebecca has a wealth of office experience and completed her 3 year AAT Accounting Qualification in 2009. In her spare time, you’ll likely find her enjoying cooking or walking her 5 dogs.


    Food: Sushi

    City: Brighton

    Sport: Athletics

    Band/Artist: Billy Joel

    Movie/TV Series: Strictly

    Plant: Peony

    Dream Car: Land Rover Defender

    Fav Part of Gardening: Growing Produce

  • David - Director

    Borne out of his passion for horticulture, David created HSM in 1999. He thrives on customer satisfaction & very high standards of gardening across the board, which is emanated & put into practice by the staff at HSM. David is very much hands-on in the day to day operations. In his spare time, you’ll catch him watching a game of rugby. 


    Food: Japanese

    City: New York City

    Sport: Rugby

    Band/Artist: Radiohead

    Movie/TV Series: Into the Wild

    Plant: Jasmine 

    Dream Car: Golf GTI II Convertible

    Fav Part of Gardening: Design