Aiming at Autumn.

24 Sep

If you’re looking out at your garden and wondering what to do now everything is slowing down and dying back … Here’s a handy little Autumn ‘To Do List’:


Autumn is quite an important season in gardening as it serves as a good time to start prepping things for next year’s display.  Managing tasks is vital so that nothing gets missed and claimed by the cold onslaught Winter could bring. 


So with that in mind, here’s a little list of what we, at HSM, feel are essential things to do over the next couple of months. 


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By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail.

05 Sep

Is it just me, or does everybody get a bit over excited when planning a border or planter in their garden?  Especially when wondering around our top choice nursery and seeing all the pretty plants in all their marvellous shapes, sizes and colours.  I get way too adventurous, overthink all my options and want to buy everything, regardless of the price.  This is where I run amok.  I want to buy every plant I can, mush them all into a border and I think it’ll look fabulous regardless. 


It’s okay to admit if you do the same thing.  We all do.  It’s part of the learning process of being a gardener.


Planning is important … Especially thinking ahead.


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Icing on the Cake.

07 Aug

Everyone likes a beautifully maintained flower bed with all the flowers manicured to perfection, the grass edging crisp and trimmed and the shrubs a perfect sphere of leafy greenness. A beautiful sight. Then you look down, close at the ground…eugh. Weeds have germinated. There’s footprints everywhere.  It’s just a bit messy looking. What can we do to get this A+ area into a AA++++ mega gold star bed?


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TOP 10!

16 Jul

Well this is all very unexpected and shocking!


We’ve made it into the Top 10 of ‘UK Landscaping Blogs’ If you take a cheeky peak here, , you’ll see out cute little blog sitting pretty as one of the 10 top blogs! This is a really cool moment for us here at HSM, and the recognition is great! Plus we’re tipped along side some much bigger blogging sites and companies, so that makes me feel pretty proud, not going to lie! 


Thanks to FeedSpot for the honor, hope you guys are enjoying these posts as much as them! I’ll keep churning them out and giving you more blogs to read and inform! 


Quick word from the boss man himself, who posted this to out Facebook, “A big shout out to Stu, for his creative & informative blog posts, capturing amazing plant images and for maintaining the FB & Insta pages. Well done Stu!”


Oh gosh, so many people to thank, my Mum, my Dad, my first pet goldfishes Bubble and Squeak, I wouldn’t be up here now, accepting this award, if it wasn’t for you guys! *tears up* 



After party time!




Planet Friendly Planting.

10 Jul



In this day and age, reusing and recycling is a huge thing.  Saving the environment, protecting the planet and Mother Nature…all that stuff.  Before you take a short stroll out to your 17 bins, crates and bags that councils now insist we need for all out waste products, pause for 5 – 10 mins and think….”Can I use this jar for more than just jam?”

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Too Hot To Handle.

02 Jul

Blimey it’s been a couple of insanely hot weeks hasn’t it?! 


Heat can be a real bother when it starts to climb to very non-British levels. Around the Mediterranean, they have siestas, in England, we…keep going…? I know which I’d prefer. In order to keep chugging along in the bright summer sun, and to make sure us gardeners and our plants don’t burn out, there are plenty of things we can do to beat the heat!

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Revenge of the Caterpillar.

08 May

To those who have been keeping up to date with our posts, firstly, thanks. Secondly, you probably read a post about a battle HSM had with a caterpillar. 


Box Tree Caterpillar, to be exact.


Well…It’s back. So it’s time to refresh our memories and give this a little once over again. 


Battle Of the Box. Letters to home style.

For the ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’ people out there, skip right to the very bottom paragraph for a quick version of how to deal with Box Tree Caterpillar. 


Hopefully we caught it early enough this year that it doesn’t decimate our lovely Buxus this year! 


Happy Spraying! 

Protect yo’ self, before you wreck yo’ self.

22 Mar

Noise, vibrations, debris flying around at insane speeds, very sharp slicey things, itchy burny irritant stuff. There’s a lot of things gardeners need to be weary of, so rather nicely people made and invented stuff to keep our hands and faces protected from the dangerous things.


PPE has a whole set of legislation around it, that’s how seriously it’s taken. I’m gonna go over the basics for gardening in general, things you’d need for almost every job , every day. So here’s a longer guide from the big brains at the Government if you to have a nosey, When you’re out in the field you can understand why it’s needed. I’ve been strimming and had stones flung into my shin, I don’t want to imagine what that would be like if that stone was on a collision course with my face.

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Time for a winter trim up.

12 Mar

The seasons be a changing, spring is on the horizon, therefore a fresh year of luscious growth and beautiful new flowers is approaching us.


With this winter nearly over and temperatures rising, it makes it the prefect time to prune back some of the winter interest that we left up to give our gardens a little bit of wow factor as after Autumn passing. Plants like Hydrangeas, Dogwoods, Fuchias, Hellebores all show up really well after a little bit of secateur work (if you haven’t done already).

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