Too Hot To Handle.

02 Jul

Blimey it’s been a couple of insanely hot weeks hasn’t it?! 


Heat can be a real bother when it starts to climb to very non-British levels. Around the Mediterranean, they have siestas, in England, we…keep going…? I know which I’d prefer. In order to keep chugging along in the bright summer sun, and to make sure us gardeners and our plants don’t burn out, there are plenty of things we can do to beat the heat!


Thing 1. Watering. For a more detailed look, check out this post from last year about why watering is important, and how much it can help. Just going to add a quick tip to this one before you move on. If you know the day is going to be a scorcher, it’s best to water first thing, or late on, when the sun is at the lowest in the sky, as water won’t evaporate before it has a chance to soak in. Plus it can be fun when you get some amazing looking watering cans! Just check out these ELEPHANTS! 



Thing 1A. Pots will dry out the fastest and most often in this weather, so it’s vital to give them plenty of water. Metal, plastic, terracotta, cement…all will heat up in direct sunlight, which will heat up the soil and dry it out faaaast! As I said above, when you do water your pots, do it early or late in the day.


Thing 1B. See this watering business is serious. Acers and Rhododendrons HATE their roots being dry, so make sure these get a good drink too. Never water on the foliage though, put the spout of your watering can or the end of your hose smack at the base of your plant and let it just soak straight into the soil.


Thing 2. Watering. No, not the same as just above, this one if for you, the human. Under extreme exercise and heat stress, a body can lose 4 PINTS of water per hour. You must replace that lost liquid in your body or you’ll feel the consequences. So drink plenty of water to replace the liquids you’ve lost. A quick pour of cold water over your head is also an amazing feeling on a hot day.


Thing 3. Sun cream. Surprisingly, this stuff is great for plants! The chemicals in some sun-creams have been shown to actually aid plant growth! Just smear a little bit on the newer leaves… okay that’s an outright lie. I’m hoping you didn’t actually believe that. Obviously it’s for people skin, sunburn is a pain, and we don’t want anyone getting burnt or worse, so slap that sun-cream on!


Thing 4. Avoid spraying. Any pesticides on Roses or any ornamental plants, in this heat, it’ll just evaporate before it’s even had the smallest atom of it absorbed by the plant. It’s a waste of time and money, and it just won’t benefit the plant in any way as you won’t have the effect you want. If you do spray, and over spray to counteract the evaporation, those water droplets will just boost the suns heat, a lot like broken glass does, and it can cause burn spots and scorching. If you want to put down a bit of weed killer though, that stuff still works even when its 32 degrees out! That’s its limit though, but weeds are probably suffering like plants so they might just die without needing something like Resolva helping out!


Follow those 4/6 things, and your garden and you should be able to survive through this heat wave! Don’t burn yourself out, and hey, have a BBQ and a lovely G&T, it is the summer after all!



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