Time for a winter trim up.

12 Mar

The seasons be a changing, spring is on the horizon, therefore a fresh year of luscious growth and beautiful new flowers is approaching us.


With this winter nearly over and temperatures rising, it makes it the prefect time to prune back some of the winter interest that we left up to give our gardens a little bit of wow factor as after Autumn passing. Plants like Hydrangeas, Dogwoods, Fuchias, Hellebores all show up really well after a little bit of secateur work (if you haven’t done already).


Hellebores just need the remaining leaves cutting down around the plant, being careful not to cut the flowering stems though, we can’t lose those. The leaves usually stand at the same height of the flower stems and can often block our view from the stunning flowering they hide. Without the leaves, they still flourish and we get to see those lovely blossoms that add colour in early winter.


The old Hydrangea flowers from last season can add a different look to gardens over the cold months, either with the flatter Lacecap or the domey looking paniculata adding something very different to the usual looks of a garden. They also provide a nice little hiding spot for hibernating Ladybirds and Lacewings, who’re both very handy in the summer as they munch on Aphids and other pests. Pruning is simple for Mophead, Lacecap or Serratas varieties; cut down to the first pair of healthy buds below the old flower. For paniculata and arborescens, prune down to the lowest healthy buds along each stem.


Dogwoods and Fuchias just need a good hard cut down to a frame work about 12 – 15” tall to help encourage strong new stems (For Dogwoods) and flowers (For Fuchias) for the coming year. Dogwoods, as they mature, slowly lose their wonderful bright colour so pruning helps keep that winter colour around each year. The pruning also helps prevent the shrubs from becoming too congested.


The Dogwood pruning can also be helpful for another use in the garden, check out how you can use them HEREEEEEEE!



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