The Effectiveness of Watering.

02 Jun

Okay, so…Mother Nature might have helped us out just a little, tiny, minuscule amount by giving us two amazing thunder storms that threw down rain on us last weekend, but she’s still helping me prove my point, so I’ll take it.


You may have seen this post from just under a month ago. Well…these photos below are of those same 3 extremely thirsty plants. Sten and I have spent the last 4 weeks watering them like mad, hoping something would happen and well, something did!!!

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I thought the Hydrangea was a goner. I had very little hope for that poor plant, BUT LOOK HOW WELL IT’S NOW DOING. It’s got green bits again, all over the place, and even some lovely flower buds have shown up. Now that I’m truly surprised by! And that Buddleia, gosh you just love to see that nice and upright! No more sad droopy growth, everything is pointing towards the sky, just as it should be. The Gunnera…pfft…no idea what that thing was doing, probably just having a strop or something, silly plant (Sorry Rich ;P It’s his favourite plant btw folks, see for yourself here). So the lesson here, don’t be so quick to bin off a plant. The growth might look knackered, but give it a bit of time, keep that water coming, and your “dead” plants might just spring back to life. 


And now it’s the weekend, time to water myself! Off to the pub, have a good weekend folks!


Written & posted by Stu.

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