Time for a winter trim up.

12 Mar

The seasons be a changing, spring is on the horizon, therefore a fresh year of luscious growth and beautiful new flowers is approaching us.


With this winter nearly over and temperatures rising, it makes it the prefect time to prune back some of the winter interest that we left up to give our gardens a little bit of wow factor as after Autumn passing. Plants like Hydrangeas, Dogwoods, Fuchias, Hellebores all show up really well after a little bit of secateur work (if you haven’t done already).

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The Effectiveness of Watering.

02 Jun

Okay, so…Mother Nature might have helped us out just a little, tiny, minuscule amount by giving us two amazing thunder storms that threw down rain on us last weekend, but she’s still helping me prove my point, so I’ll take it.


You may have seen this post from just under a month ago. Well…these photos below are of those same 3 extremely thirsty plants. Sten and I have spent the last 4 weeks watering them like mad, hoping something would happen and well, something did!!!

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