Time for a winter trim up.

12 Mar

The seasons be a changing, spring is on the horizon, therefore a fresh year of luscious growth and beautiful new flowers is approaching us.


With this winter nearly over and temperatures rising, it makes it the prefect time to prune back some of the winter interest that we left up to give our gardens a little bit of wow factor as after Autumn passing. Plants like Hydrangeas, Dogwoods, Fuchias, Hellebores all show up really well after a little bit of secateur work (if you haven’t done already).

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Super Supports.

08 Mar

I’m just going to be honest, those right angled, green plastic hooky things I don’t like at all. They aren’t that tall, you have to store them somehow over winter when they aren’t in use. I’ll give them the factor of longevity, they for sure have that going for them, that’s the only positive thing I can really say about them though to be honest. I find a lot of single ones just laying in a bed under a thin cover of soil a lot, looking like they’ve fallen over and been forgotten about.


However, they do serve a purpose; a purpose that this post is all about: Plant Supports. Very handy things in the garden that a number of herbaceous plants can’t really live without. I’ve put supports in for Echinops, Dahlias, Aconitum, Roses, Delphiniums, Rudbeckia Goldsturm. Not all of those necessarily neeeeeed support, they could just use a little helping hand sometimes if the weather gets the better of them.

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Garden Styles.

18 Aug

How do you want your garden?


There’s no set way to gardening or planting. That lovely aspect of this area in life means we can have a great deal of fun thinking up and planning out how we want our little piece of heaven. Everything can be just how you like it, from the paths to the fences, beds to colour. It’s all in your control.


Not everyone likes to just go wild and follow their heart though (this can make our lives, as gardeners, a million times easier by the way) and instead, decide on something a bit more…predetermined in the plans they have for their garden.


Three of the more popular and most common ones are… drum roll please …

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Tool Maintenance and Care.

09 Jun


One of my bugbears: Dirty tools and poorly maintained tools. I will openly admit failing to keep my own gardening equipment clean every now and then, and I then get irritated with myself about it. Clean your edging sheers, Stuart! Keep them sharp!

Edging sheers are just one example. If you’re a regular to the website, you might have seen the “Tip of the Week” on the ticker already about sharpening tools. I mentioned mowers, hedge cutters, secateurs there, the list goes on though. EVERYTHING needs cleaning and looking after. Cutty things need to be kept sharp, diggy things need to be mud free, noisy things need to be oiled up. It’s seems like a lot when you put it all together, but the easy way to do it is to just clean/maintain things after you’ve used them.

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Dead Heading Roses

30 May

Everyone loves a rose; a dozen, two dozen, red, yellow, white, standard, climber, ballerina. There’s so many to chose from, it’s kind of impossible to not have a few that take your breath away.


One slight downside to roses…they don’t last long. The gorgeous flowers are only on display for a few days before they drop their petals on your beds like sprinkles onto ice-cream. Then you’re just left with an odd looking browning mess where a vibrant flower once stood. This is the beauty of repeat flowering roses though: Once they’ve gone over, you can come along with a sharp pair of secateurs, snip off the dead flowers, and hey presto! A few weeks later there’s a nice fresh looking flower again.

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