By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail.

05 Sep

Is it just me, or does everybody get a bit over excited when planning a border or planter in their garden?  Especially when wondering around our top choice nursery and seeing all the pretty plants in all their marvellous shapes, sizes and colours.  I get way too adventurous, overthink all my options and want to buy everything, regardless of the price.  This is where I run amok.  I want to buy every plant I can, mush them all into a border and I think it’ll look fabulous regardless. 


It’s okay to admit if you do the same thing.  We all do.  It’s part of the learning process of being a gardener.


Planning is important … Especially thinking ahead.


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Revenge of the Caterpillar.

08 May

To those who have been keeping up to date with our posts, firstly, thanks. Secondly, you probably read a post about a battle HSM had with a caterpillar. 


Box Tree Caterpillar, to be exact.


Well…It’s back. So it’s time to refresh our memories and give this a little once over again. 


Battle Of the Box. Letters to home style.

For the ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’ people out there, skip right to the very bottom paragraph for a quick version of how to deal with Box Tree Caterpillar. 


Hopefully we caught it early enough this year that it doesn’t decimate our lovely Buxus this year! 


Happy Spraying! 

Time for a winter trim up.

12 Mar

The seasons be a changing, spring is on the horizon, therefore a fresh year of luscious growth and beautiful new flowers is approaching us.


With this winter nearly over and temperatures rising, it makes it the prefect time to prune back some of the winter interest that we left up to give our gardens a little bit of wow factor as after Autumn passing. Plants like Hydrangeas, Dogwoods, Fuchias, Hellebores all show up really well after a little bit of secateur work (if you haven’t done already).

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The Fate of Humanity.

14 Feb

Automated cars, smart hoovers, self-driving trains and even now a shop where you scan your phone in order to enter and where there aren’t any tills. The world is becoming automated at a rather fast pace.


Now the robots have a new target: Weeds!


Not going to lie; this lil‘ guy looks very useful as a hacker and slasher of weeds. I’ll admit, It’s not my favourite task in the world and sometimes it seems like it can take forever with trying to pull each and every one out by the roots; especially if they have a tap root (looking at you here:.. Dandelions and Bracken; evil things), which is a pain in the butt. So I can see how Turtill can have its uses.


However, if you’re interest has been piqued by this, let me just remind you, we human gardeners can still remove Ivy from walls and trees. Turtill can’t! 1-0 Humans!!




Post by Stu. 

Compose some compost.

09 Nov

A topic that should, could, would, will, be on the top of every budding gardeners to do list.


Build it, fill it, turn it, empty it, spread it, burry it, plant in it. All that stuff.


Compost in the garden serves many, many useful purposes.  A natural weed barrier and a feed in one. All made from the comfort of your own home! Seriously useful stuff, right?!


So let us run through the stages/processes/fundamentals (Hence known as S.P.F) of having compost. Sound fun? Good! Get your note pad out and start taking notes. And no sleeping in class again, David!

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Owning a Plant – The Reply.

12 Oct

Okay, time for a little back story. *flash back sound*


So my lovely friend Viki has her own blog, The Positive Pensive. I was having a nose through it one day and I came across a post about owning a plant (Give this a read, it’ll help my own post make sense) and the 5 stages you go through … “as my little guy starts to depart from this world.” Now that sentence alone makes me upset. I’m straight in at stage 4. Alarm bells were ringing that poor plants were dying, and their poor owners were fighting a losing battle trying to keep them alive.


Then I had an idea. As a gardener, I know all the tricks in the book for keeping plants alive. So here’s my advice and help for those struggling to keep those indoor flowers alive.

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Battle Of the Box. Letters to home style.

07 Sep

21st July.

Somethings happening, Ma. We got word from the Sarge that something big is coming, something bad. No natural predators, toxic. We spotted a squadron of Moths buzzing around earlier, we didn’t see where they landed though. We don’t know when they’ll attack, but we gotta be on the lookout. Box Tree Caterpillar. Eating leaves and webbing. They’re the obvious signs we gotta keep a lookout for.

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Garden Styles.

18 Aug

How do you want your garden?


There’s no set way to gardening or planting. That lovely aspect of this area in life means we can have a great deal of fun thinking up and planning out how we want our little piece of heaven. Everything can be just how you like it, from the paths to the fences, beds to colour. It’s all in your control.


Not everyone likes to just go wild and follow their heart though (this can make our lives, as gardeners, a million times easier by the way) and instead, decide on something a bit more…predetermined in the plans they have for their garden.


Three of the more popular and most common ones are… drum roll please …

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Tool Maintenance and Care.

09 Jun


One of my bugbears: Dirty tools and poorly maintained tools. I will openly admit failing to keep my own gardening equipment clean every now and then, and I then get irritated with myself about it. Clean your edging sheers, Stuart! Keep them sharp!

Edging sheers are just one example. If you’re a regular to the website, you might have seen the “Tip of the Week” on the ticker already about sharpening tools. I mentioned mowers, hedge cutters, secateurs there, the list goes on though. EVERYTHING needs cleaning and looking after. Cutty things need to be kept sharp, diggy things need to be mud free, noisy things need to be oiled up. It’s seems like a lot when you put it all together, but the easy way to do it is to just clean/maintain things after you’ve used them.

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