Long time, no see! What will HSM bring in 2018?!

15 Jan

Hellooooooooo everyone! 


So, it’s been a while since I last did a little post for you guys. Sorry about that, things got a little hectic with Christmas and then back to work catching up with clients and their gardens (Storm Eleanor was NOT helpful AT ALL.)  So yea, very little time to get the fingers and thumbs whirling away on a keyboard. 


I have, however, managed to find enough time to write this one, so I’m going to use it to tell you what HSM will be up to in 2018! Ooooooo how exciting!!!


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Dead Heading Roses

30 May

Everyone loves a rose; a dozen, two dozen, red, yellow, white, standard, climber, ballerina. There’s so many to chose from, it’s kind of impossible to not have a few that take your breath away.


One slight downside to roses…they don’t last long. The gorgeous flowers are only on display for a few days before they drop their petals on your beds like sprinkles onto ice-cream. Then you’re just left with an odd looking browning mess where a vibrant flower once stood. This is the beauty of repeat flowering roses though: Once they’ve gone over, you can come along with a sharp pair of secateurs, snip off the dead flowers, and hey presto! A few weeks later there’s a nice fresh looking flower again.

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