Protect yo’ self, before you wreck yo’ self.

22 Mar

Noise, vibrations, debris flying around at insane speeds, very sharp slicey things, itchy burny irritant stuff. There’s a lot of things gardeners need to be weary of, so rather nicely people made and invented stuff to keep our hands and faces protected from the dangerous things.


PPE has a whole set of legislation around it, that’s how seriously it’s taken. I’m gonna go over the basics for gardening in general, things you’d need for almost every job , every day. So here’s a longer guide from the big brains at the Government if you to have a nosey, When you’re out in the field you can understand why it’s needed. I’ve been strimming and had stones flung into my shin, I don’t want to imagine what that would be like if that stone was on a collision course with my face.

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Battle Of the Box. Letters to home style.

07 Sep

21st July.

Somethings happening, Ma. We got word from the Sarge that something big is coming, something bad. No natural predators, toxic. We spotted a squadron of Moths buzzing around earlier, we didn’t see where they landed though. We don’t know when they’ll attack, but we gotta be on the lookout. Box Tree Caterpillar. Eating leaves and webbing. They’re the obvious signs we gotta keep a lookout for.

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Tool Maintenance and Care.

09 Jun


One of my bugbears: Dirty tools and poorly maintained tools. I will openly admit failing to keep my own gardening equipment clean every now and then, and I then get irritated with myself about it. Clean your edging sheers, Stuart! Keep them sharp!

Edging sheers are just one example. If you’re a regular to the website, you might have seen the “Tip of the Week” on the ticker already about sharpening tools. I mentioned mowers, hedge cutters, secateurs there, the list goes on though. EVERYTHING needs cleaning and looking after. Cutty things need to be kept sharp, diggy things need to be mud free, noisy things need to be oiled up. It’s seems like a lot when you put it all together, but the easy way to do it is to just clean/maintain things after you’ve used them.

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Pest and Disease control.

24 May

So along with lovely sun and blue skies, spring and summer bring yet more “joys”, pests and diseases! Aphids, Black Fly, Powdery Mildew, Black Spot…the list goes on and for too long to be honest. Those aren’t a new problem thankfully (unlike Box Tree Caterpillar), so gardeners have discovered quite a few ways you can fight back against these uninvited guests. 


My 3 favourites are…

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