Planet Friendly Planting.

10 Jul



In this day and age, reusing and recycling is a huge thing.  Saving the environment, protecting the planet and Mother Nature…all that stuff.  Before you take a short stroll out to your 17 bins, crates and bags that councils now insist we need for all out waste products, pause for 5 – 10 mins and think….”Can I use this jar for more than just jam?”


Quite a lot of the time, the answer will probably be yes, you can.  Small jars, old mugs, those ramekins you bought when you figured you would try to make crème brulee. They all make cute little pots that you can put succulents, herbs or small indoor plants in to add some quirk and colour to your living space.

Even old boots and wellies can be used as planters.  They’ll last a lot longer than ceramic pots as they take longer to weather and can take much more of a beating if you accidentally hit one with the front of your lawn mower.  The only slight modification you might have to make to your old boots is to punch a couple of drainage holes through the sole so you don’t water log your Violas or Marigolds.



Want to get a bit more hands on and fancy something bigger? Most garden centres and nurseries have a surplus of pallets that can be deconstructed and remade into good sized planters. Over the recent Easter weekend this is exactly what I did and the result is a pretty sturdy and extremely useable planter.  All it cost was a bit of muscle power, a handful of screws and 5 meters of wooden baton from a local builders merchant. One hour later and it’s done!



This one is roughly 100x40x30.  Not overly large.  Plenty of room to get in a nice mixture of bulbs and herbaceous plants.  All this came from one pallet.  I didn’t even have to cut those little decorative grooves in either, that’s just how the wood came.


If you don’t have access to a drill and saw then you don’t even need to cut the pallet.  How’s this for a sweet little idea?  Stand the pallet up and, with some strong plastic or liner, make rows of troughs and plant upright … like so!  I think this is a great idea to put a little garden into your life, even if you don’t have the space for a lawn and beds.  And all for a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a lot of plastic planters and pots from you local garden center. 




Oh, and if you don’t have access to a handy pallet, then you could copy the brilliant idea Sten had when he stumbled across a load of unused, good condition terracotta pots that a garden center just discarded. With a little bit of wire and ingenuity, he’s managed to create this amazing vertical plant display in his garden with help from an old trellis! Just goes to show that with a little bit of thinking outside the box, you can make something amazing (like a box for plants, ironic aye?) from something someone thought was rubbish! 




Keep an eye out for a follow up post soon, when I’ve given it a nice lick of paint and filled it!



Written by Stu. 

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