My Lil’ Trip Away.

04 Oct

If you haven’t seen on our amazing Facebook and Instagram pages, I went away for a long weekend a week ago. While I ventured and relaxed in the gorgeous settings of Cornwall, I spent the good part of a day wondering around and marveling at everything at the Eden Project.


Now, this post won’t be your usual newsy/advise giving post that I usually do, this one is just going to be about why EVERYONE needs to visit the Eden Project if they have the slightest interest in gardening. In short, it’s absolutely brilliant. Go. Stop what you’re doing and go!


Everyone has seen the pictures. The old Clay quarry that’s been magically transformed into a wonderland of plants and flowers and now has these bee hive like 2 domes in a hole in the ground. The transformation is quite the marvel.



The domes themselves are worth the entrance fee and drive alone. Mediterranean and Tropical. In Cornwall. WHAT. It was lovely and sunny and warm on the day I went, but it was jacked up by about 10 degrees inside the Tropical dome. It was too much for my camera lens, I spent more time demisting it than I did taking pictures. As you walk around you so occasional catch a bit of spray from the waterfalls they’ve made, which is nice. The plants though. That’s obviously the main attraction and it’s worthy of the name. Seeing all these new plants, in new sizes, sizes…leaves as big as car tires, flowers that look like tassels on curtains, it was brilliant. And bananas! Can’t forget the bananas they had growing.


The Mediterranean Biome was chocked full of Cacti and, surprising, vegetables! Which…makes sense, there’s a restaurant in there too, and it’s the Eden Project so they grow everything that they can use. While a lot of Mediterranean plants have made their way into our English climate (Phormiums, Tree Ferns, Olives) it was still great to see them in their rightful homes, surrounded by plants I’d not seen before.


Outside of the biome domes is just as stunning. I’m not going to ruin too much, as it’s really something you need to see for yourself. There’s plants upon plants upon plants upon plants. I took just over 200 photos in just under 3 hours, and the other reason I stopped is because the battery died in my camera! There’s an abundance of statues, more colours than a Crayola crayons set, just things to look at in every direction.


The food and drinks available on site are lush too! I seriously recommend the Hydrate Juice available inside between the biomes! It being Cornwall too, there’s pasties.


Time to get planning on my next venture down I think…



Written & posted by Stu.



PS. Bonus Photos for you guys, just to whet your appetite…


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