Harry the Hosta Wants To Grow Big.

14 Jun

In a garden far, far, far, not actually that far away. there comes a sad story, that I’ll tell you today…


Sitting there all securely rooted into its bed, with access to water and nutrients that kept it fed.


But surrounded by plants that grew big and tall, where there wasn’t much more room for this Hosta at all.




Now with all good stories, and the rhyming they carry, the main character has a name, so let’s name this Hosta, HARRY! 


Now Harry looked sad, with no leaves on his stem, it appears he’d been eaten, by slugs causing mayhem. 


He grew so tiny that it could barely be seen, so the gardener forgot all about him. Now isn’t that mean?!



Around the rest of the garden, the other Hosta’s grew tall, with no signs of being eaten, no slug trails at all! 


They’d even grown flowers, so white and so elegant, …I couldn’t think of a rhyme that would make any sense, so I’ll just have to scrap this bit and just yell ELEPHANT! 



Poor Harry grew sad, and said “Why’d this happen to me?!”. “When all the other Hosta’s are happy as can be?!”j


“Does the gardener not see me, am I nobody’s fav!? Does Steve not love me, am I not the plant he will save?!”


The somehow in someway, in the last hour of his work, the gardener finally spotted where Harry the Hosta did lurk, 


With shock and surprise, the gardener stopped with a stare, “Oh what, another Hosta?! I didn’t ever spot you there!” 


So with a hop and a dash, he went back to his van, and grabbed some blue pellets, and added Harry to his plan.


Now this plan was a good’un, spread the blue pellets around, scatter them and spread them all over the ground. 



And now just like his friends, all surrounded with blue, our Harry had a thought, he suddenly realised he knew… 


Those magic blue pellets help keep the slugs away, so now it’s very possible, little Harry, will be a big Hosta one day! 

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