Garden Styles.

18 Aug

How do you want your garden?


There’s no set way to gardening or planting. That lovely aspect of this area in life means we can have a great deal of fun thinking up and planning out how we want our little piece of heaven. Everything can be just how you like it, from the paths to the fences, beds to colour. It’s all in your control.


Not everyone likes to just go wild and follow their heart though (this can make our lives, as gardeners, a million times easier by the way) and instead, decide on something a bit more…predetermined in the plans they have for their garden.


Three of the more popular and most common ones are… drum roll please …

The Knot Garden. This type of garden you see all the time behind humongous manor houses, always kept very VERY tidy, no weeds, no out of shape anythings, lots of Buxus as an edging plant to create intricate patterns that makes circles, squares, triangles, any shape or pattern really. Lonicera is also used in the Knot Garden if you don’t want to go OTT with the Box. Yews and Conifers can be used to add a bit of height, colour and shape variation to these designs, and generally the gaps in between your edging plants are just rammed full with low growing bright coloured herbaceous plants (Dwarf Redbeckia, Lavenders etc) or hundreds upon hundreds of bedding plants.


The Cottage Garden. Now I want one of these, I reaaaally want one of these. Even though it’s primarily a summer display and looks rather bare bones in the winter, this type of garden appears to be a bit all over the shop with its display of mainly perennial flowering plants (Echinacea, Heleniums, Heuchera). The secret with these gardens is that they are actually carefully planned to create a sea of flowers that covers 100% of the area with flowers. With absolutely no soil at all. No spare for weeds! See why I like it now?


Finally, The Landscape garden. This is a garden that has been specifically designed with a theme in mind. Always developed from formal plans, and quite often high maintenance because of the precision of everything. Your raised beds made from obscure materials (I’ve seen full sheet metal once, in full sun…as a raised bed…if you planted potatoes or parsnips in there, they would have come out roasted ready for your beef joint!) Normally these gardens have straight lines by the dozen too, which can look nice. People like to have Ha Ha’s in their landscape gardens too, which kind of created a 2 level effect, but while everything is still on the same level. It’s confusing, just google it!


Now I’m off to do more research on cottage gardens, writing this has made me want one even more! Ciao!


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