Christmas Panic OVER,

25 Nov


If you’ve managed to get this far into November without the daunting fear of having to sort of Christmas, please share your secrets with the rest of us.


For those, like me, that have been thinking and panicking about what we can buy our friends and family since the end of September, Christmas is quickly approaching and honestly, I have no idea what to get and no idea what I want this year.


I doubt I’m the only person wondering what to get people, or what to ask for, so in the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to lend you all a helping hand by making a list of gardeny things I’ve asked for in the past! This list will also help you choose what to get for all those green thumbed family members and friends you may have.



Thermals  – Winter is cold, very cold. Help your gardener out by getting them some lovely thermals! Long sleeve, short sleeve, full length, shorts, thin, thick, black, grey, blue. There’s a lot of options so you should easily find a type/style that your partner/friend would need.


Thermal Flask – See above, but there’s some bracing colds that thermals don’t help with. Having a nice steaming cup of tea or coffee, or a pot of porridge you can just poor hot water into, is just something special on those frozen days. Mine says “Head Gardener”.


Hand Tools – A new set is always nice, seeing as we’re always using, losing and breaking them. Hand forks and trowels are probably the easiest to get. Something I find very useful though is . Wolf Garten has so many detachable heads, and the little metal rake attachment is so handy for de-leafing in tight spaces or combing the dead out of ornamental grasses.


Portable radio – Now I nearly always have my iPod playing while I’m gardening. Why? Well Alt-J and Biffy Clyro are a lot more entertaining to listen to than a strimmer engine revving its head off. A portable radio is a well-priced alternative to this. Plus it means your budding gardener can listen to Absolute Radio (HSM’s 1st choice radio station) or a bit of Gardeners Question Time on BBC Radio 4.


Dr. D G Hessayon books – Lifesavers! There’s ones about Bugs, Trees, Shrubs, Grasses, Flowers, Roses, House Plants, Veggies… All the areas of gardeneing are totally covered. These books can be a great refresher for a gardeners brain, they’re so jam packed fill of information though that I guarantee that there’s something new the recipient will learn! 


Bulbs – Something actually for the garden, and not just the gardener! These lil’ beauties can be planting in spring or winter, so it’s a nice little job for us to do soon, plus with that nice new trowel you also brought them, it’s the perfect combination!


Coffee Vouchers – I mean…if they’re on the move a lot between clients, the thought of popping into Costa or Starbucks in waaaay to tempting on a cold day.


Their favourite alcoholic beverage -Obvious? Maybe, but after a taxing day, nothing really beats relaxing on the sofa, taking a swig of their chosen tipple.


Stocking suggestion from The Boss, “Fishermans Friend” mints. Yea, those really strong ones. Direct quote “I’m not sure they’re mints, but they do warm your taste buds up!”


Happy shopping!





Written by Stu.



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