TOP 10!

16 Jul

Well this is all very unexpected and shocking!


We’ve made it into the Top 10 of ‘UK Landscaping Blogs’ If you take a cheeky peak here, , you’ll see out cute little blog sitting pretty as one of the 10 top blogs! This is a really cool moment for us here at HSM, and the recognition is great! Plus we’re tipped along side some much bigger blogging sites and companies, so that makes me feel pretty proud, not going to lie! 


Thanks to FeedSpot for the honor, hope you guys are enjoying these posts as much as them! I’ll keep churning them out and giving you more blogs to read and inform! 


Quick word from the boss man himself, who posted this to out Facebook, “A big shout out to Stu, for his creative & informative blog posts, capturing amazing plant images and for maintaining the FB & Insta pages. Well done Stu!”


Oh gosh, so many people to thank, my Mum, my Dad, my first pet goldfishes Bubble and Squeak, I wouldn’t be up here now, accepting this award, if it wasn’t for you guys! *tears up* 



After party time!




The Fate of Humanity.

14 Feb

Automated cars, smart hoovers, self-driving trains and even now a shop where you scan your phone in order to enter and where there aren’t any tills. The world is becoming automated at a rather fast pace.


Now the robots have a new target: Weeds!


Not going to lie; this lil‘ guy looks very useful as a hacker and slasher of weeds. I’ll admit, It’s not my favourite task in the world and sometimes it seems like it can take forever with trying to pull each and every one out by the roots; especially if they have a tap root (looking at you here:.. Dandelions and Bracken; evil things), which is a pain in the butt. So I can see how Turtill can have its uses.


However, if you’re interest has been piqued by this, let me just remind you, we human gardeners can still remove Ivy from walls and trees. Turtill can’t! 1-0 Humans!!




Post by Stu. 

Owning a Plant – The Reply.

12 Oct

Okay, time for a little back story. *flash back sound*


So my lovely friend Viki has her own blog, The Positive Pensive. I was having a nose through it one day and I came across a post about owning a plant (Give this a read, it’ll help my own post make sense) and the 5 stages you go through … “as my little guy starts to depart from this world.” Now that sentence alone makes me upset. I’m straight in at stage 4. Alarm bells were ringing that poor plants were dying, and their poor owners were fighting a losing battle trying to keep them alive.


Then I had an idea. As a gardener, I know all the tricks in the book for keeping plants alive. So here’s my advice and help for those struggling to keep those indoor flowers alive.

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My Lil’ Trip Away.

04 Oct

If you haven’t seen on our amazing Facebook and Instagram pages, I went away for a long weekend a week ago. While I ventured and relaxed in the gorgeous settings of Cornwall, I spent the good part of a day wondering around and marveling at everything at the Eden Project.


Now, this post won’t be your usual newsy/advise giving post that I usually do, this one is just going to be about why EVERYONE needs to visit the Eden Project if they have the slightest interest in gardening. In short, it’s absolutely brilliant. Go. Stop what you’re doing and go!


Everyone has seen the pictures. The old Clay quarry that’s been magically transformed into a wonderland of plants and flowers and now has these bee hive like 2 domes in a hole in the ground. The transformation is quite the marvel.

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Battle Of the Box. Letters to home style.

07 Sep

21st July.

Somethings happening, Ma. We got word from the Sarge that something big is coming, something bad. No natural predators, toxic. We spotted a squadron of Moths buzzing around earlier, we didn’t see where they landed though. We don’t know when they’ll attack, but we gotta be on the lookout. Box Tree Caterpillar. Eating leaves and webbing. They’re the obvious signs we gotta keep a lookout for.

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Garden Styles.

18 Aug

How do you want your garden?


There’s no set way to gardening or planting. That lovely aspect of this area in life means we can have a great deal of fun thinking up and planning out how we want our little piece of heaven. Everything can be just how you like it, from the paths to the fences, beds to colour. It’s all in your control.


Not everyone likes to just go wild and follow their heart though (this can make our lives, as gardeners, a million times easier by the way) and instead, decide on something a bit more…predetermined in the plans they have for their garden.


Three of the more popular and most common ones are… drum roll please …

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The Effectiveness of Watering.

02 Jun

Okay, so…Mother Nature might have helped us out just a little, tiny, minuscule amount by giving us two amazing thunder storms that threw down rain on us last weekend, but she’s still helping me prove my point, so I’ll take it.


You may have seen this post from just under a month ago. Well…these photos below are of those same 3 extremely thirsty plants. Sten and I have spent the last 4 weeks watering them like mad, hoping something would happen and well, something did!!!

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Pest and Disease control.

24 May

So along with lovely sun and blue skies, spring and summer bring yet more “joys”, pests and diseases! Aphids, Black Fly, Powdery Mildew, Black Spot…the list goes on and for too long to be honest. Those aren’t a new problem thankfully (unlike Box Tree Caterpillar), so gardeners have discovered quite a few ways you can fight back against these uninvited guests. 


My 3 favourites are…

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Box Tree Caterpillar.

12 May

This is a relatively new problem and one we encountered last year for the first time, but like many people, we put it down to Box Blight. These pesky little critters completely decimate Buxus/Box. So it’s a good idea to start keeping an eye out on any Buxus/Box that you have in your garden.


What is Box Tree Caterpillar I hear you ask? Well…handily the RHS has all the info we need to help us stop the pests and save our precious Box!


“Box tree caterpillars are the larvae of a moth that feeds on box (Buxus) plants. It is native to East Asia and it became established in Europe in 2007. Although adult moths were first found in the UK in light traps in 2008, it was not until 2011 that larvae were reported in private gardens in the home counties. By the end of 2014 the moth had become established in parts of London and surrounding counties; in many cases the caterpillars had caused severe defoliation indicating that the moth is likely to become a serious problem.



Gardeners are likely to become aware of box tree caterpillar when they find webbing and caterpillars on box plants.

The pale yellow flattish eggs are laid sheet-like, overlapping each other on the underside of box leaves.

Newly hatched caterpillars are greenish-yellow, with black heads. Older caterpillars reach up to 4cm (1¼in) in length and have a greenish/yellow body with thick black and thin white stripes along the length of the body.

The pupae are concealed in a cocoon of white webbing spun among leaves and twigs.

The adult moth usually has white wings with a faintly iridescent brown border, although the wings can be completely brown or clear. The moth has a wingspan of around 4cm (1¼in).

The caterpillars eat box leaves and produce webbing over their feeding area. Plants may also show patches of dieback which may be especially apparent on trimmed plants. This is not to be confused with dieback caused by the disease known as box blight.”


Article source:


Garden pests. Great fun, aren’t they?!


Written by David & Stu. Posted by Stu.

The Importance of Watering.

08 May

Now, I know I said about this not that long ago, but I have a few photo’s that show you just how important keeping your plants watered is. A Hydrangea, Buddleia, and a Gunnera (I know! Shocking, isn’t it?! Silly thing can’t tell there’s a lake behind it). All seriously suffering due to this prolonged dry spell we’re currently in. C’mon Earth, just gimme some rain PLEASE?!  



These few photo’s show what can happen in a week. One week ago (I promise you, I’m not making this up) all these plants were fine, like…totally fine. No curling leaves, no browning, no drooping new growth. Just goes to show how vitally important it is to keep plants well watered, every day or so, otherwise the above will be their fate. Luckily Sten and I caught these at the last second, and we spent an entire day getting these and other plants watered, giving them a royally good soaking for 30 minutes or so, shoving a hose right in at the base of the plants so there’s no chance of scorching and making things worse! I took 27,000 odd steps that day just making sure everything that needed watering got water, that equates to walking about 12.5 miles of walking. Gaaah


PRO TIP. Using a rose head on a watering can or a sprinkler can help lessen damage too by the way. Just means that instead of the plant getting a full on bashing from a stream of water, the water is broken up into droplets that don’t do nearly as much damage as a full flow could. It also means you get a nice spread of water around the plant at a slower rate, and that allows more water to be soaked into the ground as you’ve reduced the speed the water is coming out! Good news all around!


Written & Posted By Stu.