TOP 10!

16 Jul

Well this is all very unexpected and shocking!


We’ve made it into the Top 10 of ‘UK Landscaping Blogs’ If you take a cheeky peak here, , you’ll see out cute little blog sitting pretty as one of the 10 top blogs! This is a really cool moment for us here at HSM, and the recognition is great! Plus we’re tipped along side some much bigger blogging sites and companies, so that makes me feel pretty proud, not going to lie! 


Thanks to FeedSpot for the honor, hope you guys are enjoying these posts as much as them! I’ll keep churning them out and giving you more blogs to read and inform! 


Quick word from the boss man himself, who posted this to out Facebook, “A big shout out to Stu, for his creative & informative blog posts, capturing amazing plant images and for maintaining the FB & Insta pages. Well done Stu!”


Oh gosh, so many people to thank, my Mum, my Dad, my first pet goldfishes Bubble and Squeak, I wouldn’t be up here now, accepting this award, if it wasn’t for you guys! *tears up* 



After party time!




Planet Friendly Planting.

10 Jul



In this day and age, reusing and recycling is a huge thing.  Saving the environment, protecting the planet and Mother Nature…all that stuff.  Before you take a short stroll out to your 17 bins, crates and bags that councils now insist we need for all out waste products, pause for 5 – 10 mins and think….”Can I use this jar for more than just jam?”

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Revenge of the Caterpillar.

08 May

To those who have been keeping up to date with our posts, firstly, thanks. Secondly, you probably read a post about a battle HSM had with a caterpillar. 


Box Tree Caterpillar, to be exact.


Well…It’s back. So it’s time to refresh our memories and give this a little once over again. 


Battle Of the Box. Letters to home style.

For the ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’ people out there, skip right to the very bottom paragraph for a quick version of how to deal with Box Tree Caterpillar. 


Hopefully we caught it early enough this year that it doesn’t decimate our lovely Buxus this year! 


Happy Spraying! 

The Fate of Humanity.

14 Feb

Automated cars, smart hoovers, self-driving trains and even now a shop where you scan your phone in order to enter and where there aren’t any tills. The world is becoming automated at a rather fast pace.


Now the robots have a new target: Weeds!


Not going to lie; this lil‘ guy looks very useful as a hacker and slasher of weeds. I’ll admit, It’s not my favourite task in the world and sometimes it seems like it can take forever with trying to pull each and every one out by the roots; especially if they have a tap root (looking at you here:.. Dandelions and Bracken; evil things), which is a pain in the butt. So I can see how Turtill can have its uses.


However, if you’re interest has been piqued by this, let me just remind you, we human gardeners can still remove Ivy from walls and trees. Turtill can’t! 1-0 Humans!!




Post by Stu. 

Long time, no see! What will HSM bring in 2018?!

15 Jan

Hellooooooooo everyone! 


So, it’s been a while since I last did a little post for you guys. Sorry about that, things got a little hectic with Christmas and then back to work catching up with clients and their gardens (Storm Eleanor was NOT helpful AT ALL.)  So yea, very little time to get the fingers and thumbs whirling away on a keyboard. 


I have, however, managed to find enough time to write this one, so I’m going to use it to tell you what HSM will be up to in 2018! Ooooooo how exciting!!!


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On the First Day Of Christmas…

18 Dec


On the first day of Christmas
My gardener gave to me:
A new stake for a Pear Tree

On the second day of Christmas
my gardener gave to me:
2 tidy beds
and a new stake for a Pear Tree

On the third day of Christmas
my gardener gave to me:
3 fancy Dahlias
2 tidy beds
and a new stake for a Pear Tree


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Christmas Panic OVER,

25 Nov


If you’ve managed to get this far into November without the daunting fear of having to sort of Christmas, please share your secrets with the rest of us.


For those, like me, that have been thinking and panicking about what we can buy our friends and family since the end of September, Christmas is quickly approaching and honestly, I have no idea what to get and no idea what I want this year.


I doubt I’m the only person wondering what to get people, or what to ask for, so in the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to lend you all a helping hand by making a list of gardeny things I’ve asked for in the past! This list will also help you choose what to get for all those green thumbed family members and friends you may have.


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Owning a Plant – The Reply.

12 Oct

Okay, time for a little back story. *flash back sound*


So my lovely friend Viki has her own blog, The Positive Pensive. I was having a nose through it one day and I came across a post about owning a plant (Give this a read, it’ll help my own post make sense) and the 5 stages you go through … “as my little guy starts to depart from this world.” Now that sentence alone makes me upset. I’m straight in at stage 4. Alarm bells were ringing that poor plants were dying, and their poor owners were fighting a losing battle trying to keep them alive.


Then I had an idea. As a gardener, I know all the tricks in the book for keeping plants alive. So here’s my advice and help for those struggling to keep those indoor flowers alive.

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My Lil’ Trip Away.

04 Oct

If you haven’t seen on our amazing Facebook and Instagram pages, I went away for a long weekend a week ago. While I ventured and relaxed in the gorgeous settings of Cornwall, I spent the good part of a day wondering around and marveling at everything at the Eden Project.


Now, this post won’t be your usual newsy/advise giving post that I usually do, this one is just going to be about why EVERYONE needs to visit the Eden Project if they have the slightest interest in gardening. In short, it’s absolutely brilliant. Go. Stop what you’re doing and go!


Everyone has seen the pictures. The old Clay quarry that’s been magically transformed into a wonderland of plants and flowers and now has these bee hive like 2 domes in a hole in the ground. The transformation is quite the marvel.

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