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07 Sep

21st July.

Somethings happening, Ma. We got word from the Sarge that something big is coming, something bad. No natural predators, toxic. We spotted a squadron of Moths buzzing around earlier, we didn’t see where they landed though. We don’t know when they’ll attack, but we gotta be on the lookout. Box Tree Caterpillar. Eating leaves and webbing. They’re the obvious signs we gotta keep a lookout for.


16th August.

They’re here, Ma. All this waiting around, it’s finally time for action. We weren’t ready for it though. They came too fast and too quick, we were out gunned. I saw leaves being decimated all around me, nowhere and no Box plant was safe. I somehow made it through, I couldn’t sleep that night though. I saw too much. The Sarge said we’d fight back tomorrow, that he has a secret weapon the enemy won’t be ready for. Let’s hope it works!




17th August.

Sorry this one is late, Ma. The Sarge rushed us into action on Wednesday evening, turns out the weapon was ready. “Project Provado”. The boys in camp called it ultimate bug clear. Lieutenant Driver showed us how it works, just point, and spray. He said he could see the effect instantly. I was too far from the action to see myself. Archer then took over, using UBC. We spotted a load coming in from the North, that shoulda stopped their advance though.



19th August.

Can’t talk much today, it’s been all out war now. Wonky, Mech and PC saw a load more. We’re battling on all fronts now, everyone is fully dedicated to get rid of the enemy and rescue the box.


26th August.

UBC seems to be working. We’ve all been able to stop the advance of the enemy. Once we all knew the signs, we were spotting them easier. Sarge and Driver are keeping our moral up, keeping our advance going, telling us where and when. I think we’re winning now. We managed to save a lot of Box, but we lost a lot too.



(Serious note. If you see the above on any Box in your garden, as soon as you can, spray is with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate. This stuff is VERY potent so be careful when using it. It’s what we used and there was a remarkable difference within a week. We saw a huge reduction in the number of Caterpillars on the box at our jobs (No cocoons too, that hadn’t vanished into those).



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